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Dr. Prendergast has an impressive background and extensive experience in both athletics and sports medicine. Her achievements as a former D1 track and field athlete, coupled with her role as a certified Chiropractor with the International Chiropractic Sports Council, highlight her commitment to the sports world.

Her international representation for Canada at the Panam Junior Championships and her subsequent role as a team doctor for a semi-pro basketball team in France further showcase her global involvement in sports medicine.

Since returning to Canada, Dr. Prendergast has been actively involved in supporting athletes from various sports, including soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton, swimming, and track and field. Her affiliations with organizations such as AFC Southampton Soccer Academy, Golden Eagles Track Club, Brampton Basketball Minor Association, and Excelhoops Prep Basketball organization demonstrate her broad range of expertise and commitment to promoting athletes’ well-being.

If individuals are seeking an experienced sports practitioner with a unique combination of athletic and medical expertise, Dr. Prendergast appears to be a fitting choice based on her impressive track record and affiliations within the sports community.

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